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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

~ Black haired girl ~

I haven't painted in such a while....(Summer ...LIFE ) so it was great to just sit down and manage to squeeze a little time to myself:
I actually used a 30 cm x 30 cm canvas for this painting ,instead of some random paper,book or whatever I CAN GET MY HANDS ON AT THE TIME type of thing.
I used some vintage sheet music on the canvas ,before painting with acrylics and using some nice soft coloured  pencils, I really should have pasted the sheets a little neater but hey ho!!! ...note to self it next time
I wanted to use some white pastels on her hair,just to give a little more detail ,but oldest daughter has been dipping into my supplies again,excuses, excuses well this is how she turned out
So hopefully I can fit in some more painting soon,especially since my kiddo's are back to school next week ....Do I sound pleased ??

Bye for  now xx Manda xx


  1. Beautiful!
    Love your blog<3